Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Happy New Millenium !

Surprisingly really I enjoyed last night. I arrived in time to see the priests from the Orthodox church do their thing - don't ask me what it was becouse the Ethiopian clergy have a language all of their own called Geez (it's like Latin to Catholicism).

After spending half an hour on my mobile doing the "Where are you ? - I'm down the front to the left next to the really tall guy with the hat" thing I managed to round up my family in time for the live music to begin. I got a bit excited when I thought I spotted Lenny Kravits in the crowd. But on closer inspection it turned out to be a looky-likey... They had some famous singers from Ethiopia and played popular music from each of the main tribes and reigons. But the highlight of the performaces had to be the dancers. As well as having its own style of music each tribe has its own style of dance and dress. Each is lievely and colourful and never fails to entertain. The easiest and most common is the Skista from the Amhara tribe. It's basicly sholder shimmying and foot stomping and really fun when you get into it. The whole night was finished off when we had a count down to 10pm (for they were unable to secure the square untill midnight) some lame glitter pseudo fire works went off and the entire crowd jummped up and down singing a song which translated into "We are proud to be Ethiopians" - think last night of the proms African style.


  1. Good fun. I have learned a lot about Ethiopia from here. If you have any more shots of when you were there it would be great to see them.

  2. I Have tonnes! I'll try and post a few more.