Wednesday, 14 March 2007

more tea vicar?

I received and email in my inbox Yesterday. The pink charity has a tradition of afternoon teas to celebrate special occasions, this usually takes the form of a box of Krispy kremes in the kitchen and some present opening. So when I received an email informing me that a teas was to be shortly held as a to celebrate a combination leaving/birthday/leaving I was quite pleased at the thought of 20 mins away from my desk and a doughnut. Until I read further…

The girl organising the teas has decided it will be a proper High Tea and has ordered everyone invited to bake or buy a cake for the occasion. Now, I'm not adverse to baking in fact I quite enjoy it and my fruit cake went down a storm at Christmas, but I do object to being ordered into the kitchen by a bossy little madam who I am beginning to hate.

I'm thinking a chocolate sponge with Ex-lax frosting might be in order.

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  1. Sorry you didn't get the job, but its an opportunity to move on and get more experience. Having had an interview like the last one I bet you wont have another one like it, as you will know what can happen and be ready for it.