Thursday, 11 January 2007

I have been meaning to blog

I have taken photos specificaly to post here.
I have composed multipul posts in my head & on scraps of paper and yet somehow I never got around to posting any of it.

So heres the quick catch up of my boring life.

1.The work chrsitmas party was crap, the room was too small and hot resulting in me coming over all dizzy and having to be taken into the Ladies by my line manager to have cold paper towels aplied to the back of my neck until I felt better.
2. Secret Santa was crap - I got a pair of earings that broke within a minute of putting them on and a grow your own santa.
3. The cleaner threw away my grow your own santa, which I had left growing in a glass of water on my desk.
4. The new girl found my grow your own santa ontop of the water filter.
5. I lost interest in growing my own santa and deposited him in the box we keep the christmas decorations in.
6. Christmas day was very boring - did get good prezzies though.
7. Bought a pair of trousers in the sales the're too small and I can't be botherd to take them back.
8. New Years Eve went ice skating at Somerset House. I was broadcast live to the nation during BBC1s 'NYE extravaganza' lurking in the background during the Sophie Ellis Bextor interview. Yay !
Didn't get to see the fireworks becouse the flippin' walls of somerset house are too high. Boo!
9. Back to work o:(
10. Price of monthly travel card gone up. ARRRRRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Ken.