Thursday, 7 December 2006

work boy is now officialy . . .

... the pink chairty OHT (that' Office Heart Throb).

Thankfuly I am mostly over my pathetic juvenile crush and am free to sit back and enjoy the hilarity that ensues when there is an OHT in an office full of single young women.

Since the OHT is on my team and he seems oblivious too his status we have a bit of a gigle about it behind his back especialy when it's his turn to make the tea. For, as soon as has he reaches the kitchen one of his many admirers will happen to totaly by coincedence decide to make a cup of tea too. Flirtatios conversation naturaly ensues under the pretence of making a brew.

It's oh so funny when you're in the know !


  1. Never get involved with someone if they are on your team, too much hassle and too many potential problems. Sit back and watch the others dig their holes. It will interesting to see what transpires after the Christmas do's.

    I bet you could cycle further than the end of the road. Its all in the mind and not letting your expectations be too great, build up steadily and slowly is the answer.

    Im going to lunch next week in the Chelsea Potter [just off Kings Rd]. I havent been there for 35 years when I was in college. Looking forward to it.

  2. Wise words from the man. However Troy, you shouldn't assume you don't have a chance, don't be doing yourself down!!

  3. Well...........tell us what went on.

  4. Hey come on get posting. Have a happy new year. D

  5. I was surfing and found your blog and I love it! I agree with Davem, too tricky to get involved with a co-worker..........keep blogging and I know I will be back for more! Come check me out as well....thanks.