Saturday, 30 September 2006

My first week in the new job is over and I have to say it went rather well. I didn't make any huge enormous mistakes or embarrass myself too badly.
My boss told me that a guy in the office told her I look about fifteen! There is nothing so flattering to a girls ego (specially one who will be thirty in less than a year) than being mistaken for half your age.

I went out for drinks with ex-colleagues from the pre traveling work place. It was very weird to see them all again. Loads of other ex-employees were there too and it was quite a reunion.
Everyone kept telling me how good I looked and how I'd lost loads of weightand looked really happy. I guess I am. I know that I lost a little weight over the past year- I'm not exactly sure how much- but I'm guessing I must have really packed on the pounds before I left if every one noticed.


  1. Hmmm your blog has gone a little weird the past week, crashing all over the place, and now you seem to have jumped a month into the future. Are you really Doctor Who??!! Anyway glad to see you back in the blog world and doing well at your new job. Just think of us eejits left in the inept world of old school charities, while you're off playing pink scrabble!!

  2. Somethings wrong with the blog...not everyone can post comments.
    Good to read that you're enjoying the job.

  3. The only way I can post comments is to copy the comments URL, right click on comments and then properties, post that into the address box on the browse, and get into it that way.