Monday, 25 September 2006

Making a good impression

Thank you Bakerloo line for making me 20 minutes late for my first day at the very pink cancer charity. Luckily my new boss was nearly 2 hours late thanks to immovable traffic and so harm was kept to a minimum.

I do have to say though, what a lovely bunch of people I'm now working with even if the office is scarrily corporate.
I was presented with a personal list of aims and objectives for the next 3 months after being in the building for less than an hour. How the bloody hell will I cope? I'm used to old fashioned charities which are inept but functioning not young and thriving.

Oh well, musn't moan, after all it's good experience, and besides I have resolved to be generaly less whiney and just fucking well get on with it.

Chimminy !

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