Friday, 18 August 2006

an end to temping?

I got a call from my temp agency on Wednesday afternoon. They wanted me to apply for an extremely good job they had. The only drawback – applications needed to be in by Friday and they needed one of those stupid supporting statements to go with my cv. Agency lady said I needed about 2 pages of waffle about how my previous work experience related to the job spec.

Obviously there was no way I could get this done on Wednesday night, because I had to watch Jane Hall and bitch about the ridiculously short deadline I’d been given.
Thursday was my only opportunity to get the stupid statement done but it had to be ready before 5 and agency lady needed to proof read it first.

Could I do it over my lunch hour? No! lunch hour is for eating and taking a walk, so the only option was to sneakily do it in the afternoon instead of working.
Oh me oh, my, lucky I didn’t actually have any real work to do.

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