Monday, 10 April 2006

Ring of fire

"Oh My God it is you!" Screamed Tomato Girl when she saw me walk into the hostel.

She was not having fun on her road trip. The German boy was weird and had a very scary attachment to his van. He was constantly cleaning it. He never let anyone else drive it and he had a nasty habit of throwing his cigarette ends out of the window to avoid ruining the ash trays.

Luckily for Tomato Girl a German girl had joined their road trip as they left Perth and now the tow girls were bonding over their mutual hatred of the strange man with the van.

To save on money by avoiding campsite fees they had been illegally camping in rest stops off the highway. Van man was in bed at 8pm every night and up at 7am every day. He took to slamming the door of the van and stomping around the girls tent to wake the girls up for another long monotonous days driving, never stopping anywhere except to fill up with petrol.

The girls had had enough of the strange man and his gas guzzling van and they both decided to jump ship the next day so we celebrated their impending liberation with a drink or two, which qucikly turned into drinking game involving 4 boxes of wine(that's 16 liters) and most of my tour bus.

The fall out from Ring of Fire was spectacular. We found the German girl passed out over a toilet bowl.


  1. Haven't played that is ages - thank god.

  2. That sounds like one kick ass game. I'll have to play that one on holiday.

    Not with wine though. Esh, not a good idea.