Friday, 7 April 2006

exmouth adventure

Tomato girl caught a ride up the coast with a German boy in a van and I was once again left alone with the couple. I was dying to get away from them. Not only because three's a crowd but because I was finding traveling with someone else a real strain. I longed to be selfish again and do what I wanted when I wanted to do it. I didn't want to have to consider what anyone else wanted to do. But most of all I wanted to make a plan and stick to it.

A day should be planed of plan-less. I can not deal with people who make plans and then continually change them for no apparent reason. It was starting to drive me insane.

They wanted to rent a car and drive up the coast to Exmouth in just 3 days. It sounded like a complete fucking nightmare. So I played the 'car hire may be cheap but the petrol will be really expensive' card. I said sorry guys but it'll cost way to much for 3 days and I want to stop off at a couple of places on the way not just rush straight up there. They seemed ok with this so I went off and booked myself on a 5 day tour and wave of relief washed over me.

"I've been looking at the petrol costs and yeah, you're right it will be too expensive, I'll come on the tour with you. Kiwi girl will stay here, she's just got a job in a factory for a few weeks." Oh great.

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