Friday, 24 March 2006

I love calculators

I arrived back at the hostel from my mind numbing job at the sandwich bar to be greeted by our incredibly excited Kiwi Receptionist. "We're going on a road trip to Adelaide - Come with us!"

Lord, how I hated the sandwich bar and truth be told I was looking for an excuse to quit. But it had to be a good one. They were paying me fairly good money and you just can't walk away from a job that pays cash in had if you don't have a good reason. But this was the excuse I needed. A road trip with my friends, a never to be repeated opportunity and once in a life time trip. Hell yeah I was going.

When I told the greasy cafe owner I was leaving he seemed to take it well. Right up until he tried to rip me off with my final pay packet.
I had careful worked out with a pen and paper exactly how much I was owed and the boss had carefully worked out that he owed me a lot less than I expected. "Did you deduct a half hour every day for your breaks?"
Huh! "Some days I only got 10 minutes!"
"Well that's the hospitality industry I'm afraid" Cunt.
I adjusted my figures and we went through the numbers again. I still always arrived at a total significantly higher than his. "I assure you its $420, look I'll get a calculator if you don't believe me"
Yeah, you go get a calculator you smarmy bastard.

And the calculator says $516 !!!!!!!!

Ha Ha Ha, you smarmy thieving asshole, fuck you, pay me my money, then stick your stupid Sandwich bar up your arse!!!


  1. Sandwich bar assuming it's one that also sells hot sarnies, do you find you burn yourself on the toasters a lot ?

  2. If i'd been alowed near the toasters yes i probably would have burnt myself quite a lot