Thursday, 9 March 2006

Everybody needs good Neighbours

Official Neighbours tour bus Whether you watch the iconic Aussie soap opera or not, no self respecting British backpacker can leave Melbourne without going on the Official Neighbours tour. The first stop is the school that doubles for Erinsburough High. I haven't watched Neighbours for about 10 years and have no idea what Erinsburough high looks like but I was assured by the die hard fans on the bus that this was definitely the place.

Erinsburough High

We piled out of the van and one by one had photos taken with the Erinsburough high sign conveniently stowed in the back of the bus.

From there it was on to the Grundy Studios where we sat parked outside the main gate for half an hour - just in case one of the cast happened to wander past. None did. but our guide kept us amused with tales of the cast and their astonishingly small pay packets, which have resulted in many former cast members having to work as receptionists, waiters or truck drivers once their hope of bigger and better things have been dashed.

Finally it was time to move on Pin Oak Court the quiet Melbourne street that doubles for Ramsey Street.

Pin Oak Court

I chose to do the tour on a day when they were filming - hoping to see Harold Bishop or the ghost of Granny Helen. But alas the only people I got to see were Susan Kennedy and Lynn Scully riding in a ridiculose wedding carrage. Still the day wasn't a total waste, on the way back into town they had just enough time to show an old episode of Neighbours from the Greatest Hits DVD. I bet you can guess which one the girls voted for..... Scott and Charlenes Wedding !!!

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  1. A friend of mine passed on your blog to me, I'm travelling too , (Canada), Yours was a very entertaining read, som of it i can relate to.