Thursday, 23 February 2006

Night time excitement

I was woken at 4am by a very loud Australian girl screaming obscenities at someone in the car park. This was soon followed by some very loud German boys screaming at her to "SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!"

But she didn't get the hint and started shouting even louder "You stole my purse, I want my handbag back, I know where you live ! I'm gonna send the police to your parents house !"

As the balconies around the carpark filled up with irate backpackers screaming at her to "SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!" because "WE HAVE TO WORK IN THE MORNING!!!" then emphasizing their displeasure by adding "BITCH!!!"

Eventually, the screaming died down and the woman seemed to disappear. However some English guys could be heard calling the police. "Yeah it's the backpackers hostel....The youth hostel, no the hostel not the hotel.....". After about 10 minutes of repeated directions the dispatcher seemed to have figured out where to send the car and a mere hour later the police turned up. But of course, by this time all the fuss was over and everyone was asleep.

Naturally, the nights events were all anyone could talk about this morning and news quickly spread that the screaming Australian woman was one of the local prostitutes who had been stabbed in the leg by someone she owed drug money to (or stabbed in the leg by one of the other prostitutes during a vicious catfight depending who was telling the story).

Some of the lads staying in the hostel saw what happened and got her behind the huge security fence into the carpark to keep her safe. So she naturally repaid their kind efforts by shrieking like a banshee and scarpering first chance she got.

Apparently, crack whores don't know how to say "Thanks for saving me from being stabbed to death."

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