Thursday, 20 October 2005

The Sleazy Serbian

A Sleazy Serbian who tried to shag me the other night. He was yucky, he was sleazy and he kept touching me. Ewww. Damn, Just thinking about him is making me mad.

I was sitting in the bar on my own hoping someone I knew would show up when this mid 30s bald man walks over and asks if he can sit down. I budged up the bench and went back to scanning the crowd.

Then he started talking to me.

"Where are you from ?" He asked.
"England" I told him.
"But what about originally, where are your family from?"
Oh, for fucks sake, I have no intention of divulging my family history to a complete stranger.
"Africa" I replied.
cue some cliched bullshit about always wanting to go there to see Lions and Zebras and Giraffes etc..
"Yeah, uh-huh, Mmmmm" I said as I tried to dislodge his arm and think of an excuse to get away.
"You have very beautiful hair" he said as reached over to stroke it.
I cringed and lent away.
"So tell me what are African women like in bed?"
"I have to go see what's keeping my friend. Bye." I said and left by the nearest exit.

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  1. That is a classic chat up line. I'll have to remember it ;)