Thursday, 15 September 2005

bark worse than bite ?

I got bitten by a dog this morning.

I was minding my own business walking along the beach when a black sheepdog decided he'd had enough of playing in the sea with his owner and decided to attack me instead. He ran up to me and started barking and jumping up and down.

I don't like dogs, so I instinctively held my hands up to my chest at shoulder height so they couldn't be bitten. The owner came running over and the dog ran off with her. I carried on walking down the beach for a few meters and suddenly the dog came running back to me and started barking and jumping around me a again. I felt a bang on my thigh and the dog started getting manic and avoiding the owners attempts to catch him, all the while barking aggressively at me.

I hate dogs.

She finaly managed to get him away from me and I quickly walked off and felt my trousers where I had felt the bang. There was a hole in my trousers big enough for me to fit my finger through. I had a quick feel of the skin underneath to make sure his bite hadn't broken the skin.

A man who had been sitting in a truck about 100 meters away came over and immediately apologized "Sorry about that he's just a pup and were trying to stop him doing that." I told him about the hole in my trousers. He just said sorry again and went over to the woman who was still having trouble controlling the dog.

I should probably have reported it but I didn't know who to. So I just left the beach as quickly as possible.


  1. How irresponsible is that of the dog owner. I hope you didn't get seriously injured.

  2. Thanks for your concern Ruben, I'm fine, I was just shaken up.