Sunday, 21 August 2005

The South African psycho

You may recall me mentioning my stalker/friend earlier.

My feelings towards her have now come full circle and I can't stand her again. She was fired from her housekeeping job at the hostel because she's a complete bitch and always nasty to every one. She can't understand it and thinks she's being unfairly treated. Everyone else just wonders why they took so bloody long to do it.

Today she told me that the Japanese guy we befriended asked her out. She was calling him a freak and a wanker and saying she felt harassed wants him to stay away from her. All he did was one day ask her if she had a boyfriend and ask her out the day after. Ok so he handed her a note with 'I want to be your boyfriend' written on it but the poor darlings English isn't that great and he probably just wanted to make sure the message was understood.

She is a psycho fuckwit and I can't stand her. But I'm forced to interact with her on a daily basis because she's in my room and back to stalking me again.

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  1. Sorry to hear about that psycho chick. Well, if you decide to give up on Oz and head to the States for a bit, you can always come visit exciting ole Ohio. We don't have the international flair that you seem to be getting there in Oz but you're always welcome!