Sunday, 21 August 2005

more about the boy

Last night I wanted to go out to celebrate the last day of working at the Ekka and my huge cash in hand pay day. I was all tarted up with no place to go and sitting in the bar on my own with a diet coke. I'd been talking to the boy earlier and he knew I wanted to go out, so he invited me to come along with him and some people from his room.

We went to a couple of bars in the city. We lost a few people on the walk form the kebab shop to the irish pub. One of them was the boys friend. He stepped outside to call him and see where he went and never came back. Slowly but surely the 10 or so people we were with all started disapearing and soon the only ones left from our group were me 2 canadian girls and a snogging couple. the girls were being chatted up but some blokes at the bar.

I stood alone loitering like the third wheel I always find myslef to be, until on the verge of tears I decided to head back to the hostel alone.

Not the fun night out I envisioned. But then they never are.

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