Wednesday, 10 August 2005

brisbane clock tower

I went up the clock tower in the Town Hall today. There was an old man in the lift with me. he decided that he wanted to share his knowledge of Brisbane with me. It was mostly interesting. All two hours of it.

Well some of it was, alot of it was waffle, but he was so nice and freindly I didn't have the heart to make my excuses and leave. I would have felt awful and besides he did have a few really interesting stories to tell.

The best one was about the Rolling Stones Gig he went to in Brisbane Town hall in the sixties. The Stones were second on the bill after Roy Orbison. Roy was great. Roy had them dancing in the isles.

When the Stones took to the stage, the largely unheard of band did not make a good impression with their scruffy appearance, long hair and general hoon like demenor. About half of the audience got up and left before the frist song was over.

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