Monday, 11 July 2005

the party room

Yes, my dorm room is the 'party room' of the hostel, due to the antics of the 4 boys who have been living there for several months.

The first night was OK. I told them how tired I was and that I was going to bed early and they said they would try to be quiet. They didn't of course and I woke up but it was 5 in the morning. I'd had most of the night undisturbed so I didn't mind.

Last night was a different story. One of them brought a girl back at about 11pm and proceeded to shag her for the next 2 hours. Being a Sunday everyone was in the room trying to sleep and everyone was kept awake by the grunting, groaning, giggling and loud whispers eminating from behind the privacy sheet. (Thankfully the bunkbed frame didn't squeek.)

After she left we were all highly amused when it turned out he had no idea who he'd just shagged. He met her in the bar and thought she was the girl who had just moved into our room that morning. It wasn't.

He didn't actualy care as he'd had the 'root' he was determined to get at the start of the night. He'd have preferd it if he haddn't had to buy her a drink first, but he suposed it's a small price to pay.


  1. I truly sympathise with you hun', my brother is just as bad.

    People's lack of consideration can be shocking at times.