Thursday, 7 July 2005

home has never felt so far away

20 minutes ago I was sitting on a beach in Fiji and my only care in the world was the agonising decision of weather to go scuba diving or turtle feeding this afternoon.

A fellow Londoner I made freinds with came over with a face so serious I knew something had been wrong.

"I've just had a text message from my mum, theres been 4 bomb blasts in London."

Shit. We hot footed it over to the internet cafe for news. 3 blasts on tube trains and one on a bus. I don't think I know anyone who takes those routes, but you never know. I know my Mum will be affected as a Nurse in one of Londons Biggest hospitals she'll be dealing with the brunt of the injuries. I hope she'll be Ok.

I'm certain she's glad both her daughters are out of the country.

I am seroiously considering flying home. You need family at a time like this.


  1. I can't begin to understand how worried you've gotta be at this moment. Just know that my hopes and prayers are with ya.

  2. Don't fly home, enjoy yourself out there, everyone will cope, they always do.