Saturday, 4 June 2005

intimidated, moi?

So, I went to the carboot sale agian in a last ditch atempt to raise much needed money before I depart on Monday.

We were put into a space next to a car which had its wing mirror scotch-taped on. Unfortunatly while setting out my stuff I accidently bumped into the mirror (it was only a very gentle bump) and the wing mirror fell off.

The man who owned the car imediatly started swearing at me "what the fuck have you done!"
I apologised and tried to see if the mirror would go back on as it was dangling from the body of the car by 3 thick metal cables but it wouldn't becouse the tape had lost its stickyness.

The man demanded to know what I was going to do about it.
I amicably told him I'd try to find some more tape for him. At which point he started decaring that I'd snapped the wing mirror off and the tape was only there "to provide support".

Now, I know my arse is big, but there is no way it could snap a fucking wing mirror off a car. So I ignored him and got back to flogging my gear to the punters.

After an hour or so the dickhead decided to come over and harrase me.
Dickhead: "So what are you going to do about my wing morror then?"
Uh, hello! Nothing you wanker.
Me: "I'll find you some tape."
Dickhead: "Yeah, you better do something or you'll be going home with out a wing mirror"
Are you seriously thretening to damage my car becouse I cant find any sticky tape ? Fuck Wit.

An hour later.. .
Dickhead: "You got me that tape then?"
Me: "Sorry no, I've been around all the stalls and and I can't find any."
Dickhead: "Well that's not good enough"
at do you want me to do magic some up out of thin air?
Me: "Well I'm sorry but I've tried to find you some tape and there's nothing more I can do"
Dickhead: "But it's your fault"
Right, it's my fault that someone else broke your wing mirror off and you were to cheap/lazy to go get it fixed properly and instead decided to patch it up yourself with some cheap crappy tape.
Me: "Look, I'm sorry I but there's nothing I can do, it was an accident."
Dickhead: Well I'm taking your licence plate number and we'll see what the insurance company has to say"

Yes lets, that is if you even have insurance you fuck wit. Did you honestly think I'd be intimidated by you? Did you think that if you harrased me enough I'd give you some money to go away? or did you think that if you badgerd me enough I would accept blame and had over some money out of guilt or a sense responsibility.

You thought wrong. I do not give in to wankers like you especialy when I have done nothing wrong. Go to your insurance company - if you have one. I will not accept blame and you wont get a penny out of me.


  1. What a cretinous individual. The ideal response would have been to wrench the wing mirror off, and insert it into him rectally.

    By the way, what's all this about? Twice in a week you've made comments about having a big arse - don't do yourself down. Build up your self-esteem!

  2. what a twat. Im glad you didn't give in!


  3. I'm not putting myself down when i say I have a big bum, i'm acnowledging a fact!
    I don't have a problem with it, I quite like it most of the time. but I do ave a problem with clothing manifacurers who don't take into account the differing sizes of female arses when making trousers.

  4. You should have twatted him in the knackers. Sounds like he was mentally challenged.