Thursday, 2 June 2005

Earth Girl the theif ?

I seriously considerd shoplifing some bras today.

I didn't of course (becouse I am a good girl and my councience wouldn't allow me to).

It would have been so easy though and they really deserved it.

When I walked into the shop the assistant glared at me. No smile. No 'can I help you?'. Just a glare.
I found what I was looking for and went to the chnging room to try it on. The 3 girl suposedly manning the fitting room ignored me for ages becouse their conversation was much more important than a little thing called customer service. Then when they finaly noticed me they just waved me through to the changing rooms without counting my items or seeing if any of the rooms were free. None of the rooms were free.

While I was standing in the corridor waiting for a room to become vacant someone left of one of the rooms behind me. You would think the staff would have poined that out to me. But no, instead they usherd in a woman who had just arrived. The fucking bitches.

When I finaly got into a fitting room. I found that there were already 3 bras hanging up on a peg. Some one had obviously left them beind and the 'staff' were to dumb to notice. It would have been ridiculosly easy to slip my stuff into my bag and come out with those bras. hell i could have shoved the whole lot into my bag and walked out and no one would have noticed.


  1. Oh you should've totally snagged 'em. That would've been hilarious; I can only imagine your paranoia as you walked out!!

  2. You should have! I used to be a dab hand when I was a teenager! We used to call it five finger bargains.... we never stole clothes tho, except once where there was something in the changing room without a tag and some bikini bottoms, but mostly just make-up. God, Im surprised I didn't get caught!