Saturday, 28 May 2005

the wedding DJ

Carlos has very specific musical tastes so he gave his wedding DJ a list of music that he'd like played at the reception.
The list had about an hours worth of music from gitar bands like Interpol, Keiser Cheifs and Snow Patrol, so we all asumed that the DJ would get the hint and play a similar selection of music once the list ran out.

However, once he'd played all the tracks on the list he launched into a mixture of cheesy pop and music from the 1980's. The guests were not pleased. The packed dance floor cleared in a matter of seconds and the only people to approach the dance floor for the rest of the night were 4 blonds of the party girl persuasion and the children who haddn't yet fallen into an exhausted sleep.

As the night wore on Carlos became more and more agitated. Eventualy he decided he'd had enough and marched over to the DJ to tell him to stop playing 'shite music'.

The next track the DJ played ? The Crazy Frog.

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