Thursday, 26 May 2005

the contents of my desk drawer

The desk drawer is the key to the office workers psyche. . .

While clearing out my desk I uncovered the following items:
an out of date bottle of eye drops
a chap stick
half a packet of antiseptic throat lozenges
2 nail files
a small pot of hair gel
a half empty tube of hand cream
2 note books with most of the pages torn out
a packet of paracetamol (thats Tylanol for those in the US)
a packet of aspirin
4 dead batteries
a map of Denmark
a Red Nose Day 2005 pin badge
a hair band

I'll leave you to do the analysis.


  1. A well moisturized girl (hand cream) who stays out too late kissing the boys (lozenges and chap stick), comes to work the next day hungover (aspirin and Tylenol), so she puts her hair up because she woke up too late (hair band)???

    I'm probably way off, but it was worth a shot!

  2. OK! it could have been worse. You could have found a bottle to an old prescription taken to clear up an STD. You could have found an old vile of cocaine that you snoted at luch to get you threw the day. You could have found a hit list of all the co-workers you planned on killing on the last day at that job. So see things aren't that bad.

  3. Guys, You have to remember this blog is the BORING life of a twenty something Londoner. If I was out drunkenly picking up STDs from strange men it would be called the scandalous life of a twenty something Londoner !

  4. sounds a lot like the contents of my bag!