Wednesday, 27 April 2005


If you ever find yourself unable to face the upcoming day at around 6.25 am on any weekday morning I highly recomend you turn your telly over to BBC2 and watch Jakers! Telly doesn't come much better than this. It is truely one of the best shows on TV at the moment.

Jakers is the animated adventures of a bunch of children growing up in rural Ireland in a more inocent time. The adventures center around Piggly Winks (a pig) and his familys farm where Piggly his little sister and their assorted band of friends including Fernando Torro (a bullock) and Dannan O'Mallard (a duck) get up to all sorts of wholesome and high jinks around the farm.

It's a great mood lifting start to the day.

If kids watched more nice cartoons like this and less Yu gi oh and Bayblade the playgroud would be a lot less violent.


  1. did you know that Mel Brooks, you know the bloke who directed Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein etc.., yes him, voices Wiley the sheep. Strange or what?
    King Arthur's Disasters is another good one and its got a bonus celebrity cast of Matt Lucas and Rick Maynall (okay so that doesn't necessarily make it any good, but trust me it is).
    Also, Hilltop Hospital has surprisingly adult undertones, believe it or not.

    I have too much free time.


  2. I've caught Jakers a few times here surprisingly. It's a great show and my nephews love the whole look of the show although sometimes they'll say they dont' understand the characters because of the accents. I think they're just being smartasses myself. But it is a great program!

  3. I thought it sounded like Mel brookes but I thought it was just a sound-a-like!

    I've neve cought King Arthur's Disasters or hill top hospital but I will keep an eye out.