Tuesday, 26 April 2005

ego boost

Anonymous said...
A couple of weeks ago my English A-Level class were studying ICT and language and we used an extract from your blog to analyse. Thought it might interest you to know.

Freaky, huh?

How good did this make me feel !

I just hope you picked a post that I'd spell checked, my spelling is terrible and I often to forget to proof read & spell check before I post.

I'd love to find out which post was used and what was said, I hope it was all good and I wasn't ripped to shred's!

I have been told by Gavin that my blog is very readable. So maybe there's a Belle de Jour type book deal waiting for me and my boring london life . . .


  1. Wow; the subject of an English lesson? Sweet! The only subject I could be is one of those "before" shots in the "Before and After" advertisements you see!!

  2. My class actually used a few posts. Um, as far as I remember we analysed 'hot topics of office conversation - 5', 'office chavs' and 'annoying office chatter' (this one in particular our class found hilarious, take that as a compliment).

    Overall the feedback was good since most of the blogs we'd read had people just justifying WHY they were writing the blog all the way through.
    Keep writing, you're famous now!


  3. Yay Me !!!

    I just re-read annoying office chatter as i couldn't remeber what was in it. OMG! I hope Caroline never gets into blogging !