Wednesday, 2 February 2005


From a discussion over the legality of the word ‘zoot’ as used in a game of scrabble.
Anne and I say it is not allowed because it is just part of the word zootsuit and only appears in the dictionary as such. Gareth and Aiden felt they were justified in using it as a word in its own right.

From: Gareth
To: Earth Girl, Anne, Aiden
Aiden I agree - and they try to make out we cheated.

From: Anne
They ?
That had a distinctly sexist overtone to it Gareth.
When did it become boys vs girls ?
from: aiden

It seems that jumping to conclusions is a running theme here.
'They' refers to the antizooters.
From: eg

well then you should be more specific and not 'imply' things.

Earth Girl
Head Antizooter

from aiden
I thought we had abandoned specifics?
From: eg
I thought we were clarifying the non specifics....
From aiden

To clarify:

I had assumed that we were clarifying the implication of the non-specific
'they' and it's implied meaning with respect to the previous emailed
correspondence. However, if the non-specific 'they' should indeed be found
to be specifically relating to the cause of the complaint, then my assumtion
that we had abandoned specifics in favour of implied and assumed meaning was
an assumtion too far.

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  1. You are correct. The official Scrabble dictionary does not include the word zoot.