Tuesday, 1 February 2005

do one

OHT had a gig last night and the usual suspects turned out to see it.

The band wesn't on till late, so to kill some time we went to the cinema round the corner and watched Team America (FUCK YEAH!). It was really fucking funny.(Fuck Yeah!) and we (predictabley) spent the rest of the night going 'Hans Brix! oh no!', 'do you know how fukin' busy I am' and of course singing the theme song 'Americaaaa, Fuck yeah!'.

Juvenile but entertaining.

The bar where the gig was being held had a 2 for 1 happy hour until 9pm so we got suitably hammerd and lamented the fact that we are all getting old and 30 is looming on the horizon. I was pritty bummed out untill Carlos pointed the fact that I am free.

I was in my usualy drunken self pitting mode about beng single and living with my mum and in all likelyhood remaining that way for a loooong time. Carl was like 'what are you on about, you're free, you don't have any ties or resopnsibilities, you can do one any time you want. If you woke up tommorow and decided not to come into work and just fuck off to Australia you could and you'd have nothing to stop you. That's fucking brilliant! you don't have a mortgage or relationship holding you down. You can just do what you want.'

I'd never thought of it in such simple terms before. I'm glad he pointed it out. I was happy for the rest of the night.

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  1. Remember being tied down is like a prison sentence and routine.