Thursday, 17 February 2005

hot topics of office conversation pt3

10am Carls strange dream about a squirrel, a scorpion, a spider, his girlfriend and 2 male colleagues.
In the dream he had just got a pet squirrel which his girlfiend told him to carry home by its tail. The squirrel didn't like this and strated writhing and the tail came off in Carls hand. The squirrel ran away and Carl was really upset that it wouldn't be able to jump about iin the trees properly becouse it now didn't have a tail to help it balance. He got home and Tim and Drew were in his bathroom along with a spider in the bath and a scorpion who was being treatening. Drew told Carl he had to get rid of the scorpion and so Carl whacked it with a towel and it exploded all over the bathroom.
Anne interpreted it as anxiety about his upcoming wedding. The squirrel was Carl being restained by coupledome and fighting to get free and winning that freedom at a cost. The scorpion was the wedding and Drew (who is single) is Carls single self trying to get rid of the wedding and Tim(who is married) was Carls married self, not doing much at all.

Quite an insiteful interpretation, me thinks.

11.20am History is bollocks. Its written by the victors so how can we trust it to be true? A lot of stuff was made up by the victorians and now people just assume it's the truth ie: chivalrus knights in shining armour were actualy just mercinaries and Robin Hood was just a thief who had nothing to do with the crusades and wasn't royal. Most of the people from history who we hold up for doing great deeds probably did them for purely selfish reasons, but history has made them into heros.

2.05pm Fox hunting. Quite a heated debate with arguments for and against.

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