Wednesday, 16 February 2005

hot topics of office conversation - 2

9.30am the best way to drive from Hampstead to Hendon.
9.50am the story in yesterdays paper linking the Hep B vaccine to arthritus
10.25am the westend play 'The woman in black'.
11.30am the news that Jo, our colleague with the broken leg, will be off work for at least 4 weeks and is already going off her head with boredom because she can't leave the sofa. (Also briefly debated was 'who's responsibility is it to start the get well soon card going round ?')
11.45am Gavins new commute from his girlfriends house in the sticks. This mutated into a converation about geneticaly engeineerd oil seed rape crops and the fact that you can make desil fuel from the left over fat from fish and chip shops.
1.30pm 'versace is so chav' discussed by - The chavs
4pm Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, brilliant film but only if you don't watch the dubed version.
4.15pm Debby who is soon to go on maternity leave, caused a stir and much excietd cooing and baby chatter. (I turned my back and grit my teeth.)


  1. I envy you for your variety of conversation. In my office the women either discuss:
    Their husbands are useless
    The fitters are useless
    The people who run the company is useless
    Our customers are useless
    The sales team are useless
    There is a thread running through these but until I work it out I don't join in.

  2. Luckily I'm not at the other end of the office where the conversations go like this
    'Did you se Corrination Street last night?'
    'Did you watch Eastenders last night?'
    'Did you see that picture of Beyonce in Hello, she needs to go on a diet..'