Monday, 31 January 2005

way hay it's monday !

. . . and I'm back at work after my 2 sick days.

A few people have asked how I am, Anne has asked for the £30 I owe her, Tim has given me back the CD I lent him, I have left the video of the TV show I recorded for him on OHTs desk (he doesn't have satellite), I have recieved 3 (yes 3!!!!!) replies form the 30 or so letters I sent out last week, Lisa spent the first half hour of work complaining that the milkman haddn't been and I was dead on time in stead of 15 mins early like I planned becouse Silverlink decided to cancel a train and shove 2 trains worth of people into the late running 8.40 to Stratford.

A prity average start to the week.

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