Sunday, 19 December 2004


We were supposed to go to the Busted concert yesterday. Instead we spent 3 hours in the Accident and Emergency department of the local hospital.

As she was turning onto my road my friends car got side swiped, horrifically. The police and the paramedics both told her it was a miracle she wasn't seriously injured. The car is a write off and so is the lamppost it was slammed into and wrapped around.

An ambulance was with her in 2 minutes, it wasn't the one that was called it just happened to be passing - thank goodness, and they were fantastic. Big up the London Ambulance Service - even if they didn't turn on the lights and siren like we asked!!

Thankfully she escaped with only minor injuries, a sprained ankle, brushing on her shin and back and a painful shoulder from her seat belt snapping. I think I did a good job of keeping her distracted during the wait, which passed surprisingly quickly. There was a TV in the waiting area. Guess what it was showing. Yep, Casualty!!!

We saw the Triage Nurse within 15 minutes of arriving who gave her some painkillers which numbed the pain. We then settled in for the long wait to see a doctor. Considering it was a Saturday night it wasn't too bad, but we left before chucking out time so I guess the violent drunks had yet to arrive.

We chatted about TV shows, movies, Christmas shopping, books we were reading- well books I've been reading, she has been doing her masters dissertation for the past six months and has read nothing but obscure conservation textbooks. Thankfully she handed in her disertation on Friday. Imagine if she hadn’t finished it yet, a horrible accident on top of all that stress. It doesn't bear thinking about.

Anyway, when we saw the doctor he gave her a brief examination and asked a few questions before saying she'd be fine just needed to take some time off work to rest and take some over the counter pain killers if needed. It was a bit of a disappointing diagnosis after all that waiting!

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