Friday, 26 November 2004

too hot hot chocolate

I drank some too hot hot chocolate yesterday and burnt my tongue. It hurt
like hell.
Why do they sell it that hot ? It should be sold at a drinkable

However I was consoled by the fact that when it had cooled down to a
bearable temperature it actually tasted very good.
Therefore I am awarding AMT coffee bars 5 stars for taste and a C for

Any suggestions which hot chocolate I should sample next week


  1. Green and Blacks I think.

    I once went to a café in Whitehaven (Cumbria). On the menu they had standard hot chocolate, hot chocolate with ice cream and a flake (a "Dream") and hot chocolate orange. I said that if they made a "Hot Chocolate Orange Dream" I would kiss them. They did this, so I promptly kissed the waitress, which amused everyone.

    The "Hot Chocolate Orange Dream" was every bit as good as it sounds. An orgasm in liquid form.

  2. If you made me a Hot Chocolate Orange Dream I'd give you a kiss.

  3. I doubt my skills at making a Hot Chocolate Orange Dream are that good. And admittedly, it is a bit of a hike to Cumbria.

    I can recommend a good chocolate shop in Chiswick. I had a Hot Chocolate there that was made out of melted Frecnh chocolate bars. Seriously. They then squeezed real orange juice into it.

    Heavenly is not enough praise.

  4. surely you cant mix the star system with the letter-grading system.

    Also, everyone knows that milk should be served at 58degrees. any higher and it will SCORCH YA!.

    Starbucks use thermometers to ensure this is so. I worked there once. (or 300 times)