Monday, 8 November 2004

gone, but not forgotten

Lucky disappeared about 6 weeks ago.
We went to let him in one morning and he wasn't there. He wasn't there when we got home either. I was concerned. When he didn't turn up the next day we got very worried we asked all the neighbours if they'd seen him. All the old ladies said "He's old, he's probably gone off to die". Thanks. That's just what I wanted to hear.

I went down all the alleyways and garages and called his name, but I there was no sign of him not even a meow. I even called the RSPCA incase the crazy woman had reported him and they'd taken him away. They hadn't. The lady was very helpful though and she took a description incase he turned up. She didn't sound very hopeful though. She did suggest I put up posters, which I did. But I didn't hear anything.

Even my mum says she misses him and she was always complaining about him scratching the sofa. If he did die I wish he hadn't gone away to do it. It would have been nice to say good-bye. I've never had anyone close to me die before. I know he was just a cat, but I loved him and he was a part of the family. I get sad when I think about him. A couple of times I've even wanted to cry.

But the time has come to admit that he's probably not coming back. Hopefully he's moved in with a nice old lady who spoils him rotten and doesn't mind that he smells and sheds fur all over the place. Maybe he passed away quietly asleep under a bush. (preferable to the local fox having got to him). Either way, I miss him and I want him back.


  1. My cat died recently. We'd had him for 12 years, and although I haven't lived at home for ages, it was so nice going back and seeing him there - he was a very loving, affectionate cat.

    I was at home over the weekend for the first time since he died. It seemed strangely empty, and I had a quiet stand where we buried him.

    It's like losing a member of the family. Our last cat before Charlie went missing and never came back. That was very hard, not knowing what had happened to him.

    So don't feel bad about wanting to cry. It's natural.

  2. My pleasure - hope I could help in some way. A cat is the perfect relative. It always listens quietly to what you have to say and never complains.