Saturday, 6 November 2004

election results

I can't believe that butthead got voted back in.
Middle America has a lot to answer for.


  1. that person you refer to is my president & yes I did vote for him. yes I am middle class american. you see people only see what they want to see but don't see a picture in whole. he is a man of prayer, a man with good morals, yes it is true nobody likes war, ut people talk about iraq & the wmd, remember when the inspectors when all the to inspect, how come the had to wait for hours or even a day or so before they where allowed to inspect? I tell you why because that was enough time for France to warn the iraq's & for them to leave the country. where are they now, try Syria & Iran ~ oh yea nobody wants to say anything about that huh.

  2. I respect your right to vote for whomsoever you wish - it is your life, and your country. And I recognise that George Bush is a very good President for those of a strong Christian belief.

    But please don't try and talk about European and Global politics with people who are far more informed than you. No-one mentions about your French theory because it's total and utter rubbish. You see, in this country, we hear about the facts, and don't get them disseminated through the mouth of Rupert Murdoch, as you do.

    At the moment, our troops are dying because they are supporting the Americans in Baghdad. They were redeployed because your Government promised they would not send any more troops out to Iraq before the election, yet they needed more men to support them. Therefore, British troops are dying because of your election - I think we're entitled to be a bit annoyed.

    And if you question how I know what I know is true - I work for the Government. Hence, I know.

  3. How can a man of good morals declare war on a country like Iraq because of its corrupt and despotic leader and yet stand idly by and do nothing about other corrupt and despotic leaders in Zimbabwe, Sudan and Myanmar to name a few? Surly the people of the Darfor region of Sudan deserve to be freed for the axis of evil that is the Janjaweed?
    Or could it be that there is nothing in it for him politcialy or financialy so he doesn't see the need to get involved ?

  4. Boom, boom, boom, boom...
    "What angel of darkness was sent to create such havoc? Lies, maybe unssen, stings, as people are used as puppets. People believing in evil being good and good being evil, so they think."
    With all this regurgetation of sinister warnings of evil and manipulation on your blog, Crazy4Jesus, have you ever taken the time to take a look around and think for yourself?
    Boom, boom, boom.