Sunday, 23 August 2009

Oh dear, what can the matter be....

It's been a busy and eventful weekend pour moi.

Yesterday, I got stuck in a lavatory. I kid you not.

I was about to head home from the Westfield shopping centre when I decided to use the loo. The only available cubical was the one at the far end with the wobbly door lock. I didn't think anything of it. It locked OK, but would not unlock, it just spun round and round and round. Had it been any other type of lock. I am certain I could have gotten myself out. But not at Westfield. Oh no they had to install big fancy doors with locks you can't get at.

So, after about 2 minutes of knocking on the door and asking for help. The kind lady in the next cubicle went off to get the cleaning lady to help.

The cleaning lady called security who came along after 10 minutes and decided to call maintenance. The cleaning lady realised this could take a looooooong time and hit on the idea of using a coin to spin the lock from the outside and open the door. And so, easy as that, I was free, embarrassed, but free.

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  1. hey you are leaving more time between posts than I am. Post locked in toilet trauma???