Tuesday, 21 April 2009


Yes Dave, I have been enjoying sleeping on my new mattress !
It's nice and soft and great for my back. The only downside to a foam mattress is that they do tend to trap heat. It's great in winter but not so wonderful now that its warming up. I'm waking in the middle of the night roasting hot and drenched in sweat, despite having forked out extra for the mattress with the NASA desigend cooling vents. But then nothing is prefect and so I shall just ditch my duvet for a sheet.

The main reason I haven't been blogging is pure and simple exhaustion. My boss has been off sick for the past 2 months and i have been doing both his work and mine. In the run up to the new financial year on the 1st April it was insanely busy. We were getting non stop calls from people who had found them selves with a supply in their budget and wanted to spend it on training courses for their staff rather than loose the money, because as we all know next years budgets are tight and one of the first things organisations cut back on in recession is training. So at least we have a full calender of work for the next 12 months.

During March I was doing so much overtime I accrued a weeks worth of lieu time, which would be brilliant if I were able to take it. In addition to the lieu time i had 5 days of annual leave I had to take or else loose.

Cue a shitty holiday to Portugal with my mum. We paid far too much and had a mediocre time. We kept finding dead cockroaches in the apartment. The swimming pool was cold as ice and we couldn't go out in the evenings because mother dearest had to watch Eastenders on the satellite TV every night. I felt just as crap when I got back as when I left.

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  1. Sounds like you have been very busy. If you went to the Algave then at this time of year its at its best with all the flowers in bloom. We went there a few years ago in early April and had a good time, but it did get cool in the evenings, we didnt swim and we're much older.
    I was in London the other day cycling. I took my folder up on the bus and cycled the regents canal had a look around Camden and the cycled Hampstead Heath. A couple of beers and then home. Pity it rained all day whilst Cardiff had brilliant sunshine.