Saturday, 22 November 2008

another year almost over

Can you believe it's November already ?!

So much for my resolution to blog every day eh!

Well the new round up is thus.

1. I was burgled. I was in shock and I cried a lot. My hands shook as I called the police. The burglar got in by using a screwdriver to force open my window - so much for the security of double glazing. They didn't take much. They took the box which held my jewelry, credit cards and birth certificate and a few pieces of mums jewelry, but luckily she just heaps the costume jewelry in with the real stuff and so must of the valuable stuff was overlooked. We think I disturbed them when I came home as my video camera was sitting in the hall way looks like he heard my keys in the door and made a brake for it. The fucking crack head bastard piece of shit.

He left a great big muddy footprint on my bed. I chucked out all my bedding and bought a new duvet. He'd gone though my underwear drawer and pulled everything out of the cupboards and so I had to wash everything on a hot cycle to get rid of his crack head germs. A street cleaner turned up the next day with my box - minus my jewelry. He'd found it a couple of streets away - the crack head burglar seems to have had stopped there, removed all the jewelry and ditched everything else. He'd left all the credit cards, cheque books and drivers licence and various other items so at least I don't have to get too worried about my identity being cloned.
I couldn't sleep in my room for a week, but I'm OK now.

2. Went to Bruges for 3 days with mum. was very nice and chilled out and relaxed. mainly cos there isn't that much to do except wander the medieval streets and admire the architecture. oh, and visit the museum of Chips! We ate lots of chocolate and drank some very good beer.

3. I helped out at the fundraising dinner for work. After a month of stressing about what to wear i decided on the pink evening dress I'd had made for me for a previous fund raising ball at another charity I'd worked at. It wouldn't zip up. So i mad a last minute dash to BHS on 20% off Saturday and found a glitter top. I received many complements and was rather chuffed. Under my thick layer of foundation i think i may have blushed.

4. I am 8 days away from swimming the channel! for the next 8 days I need to swim 32.25 lengths a day and I will will have done it. I am getting rather good at front crawl and have doubled my stamina. I can now do 40 lengths (that's 1km) without stopping. I'm still quite slow but hey, I'm not built for speed so I don't care. I'm thinking about doing a virtual London to Brighton by bicycle next.

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  1. Yes its shit to be burgled. Its happened to us so I know how you feel. Good on you for sticking to the swim and maybe the bike ride. Go for it.