Friday, 31 October 2008

another week over in the blink of an eye

My diet lasted untill 7am Monday morning. I needed toast ! Porridge just wasn't going to do it.

I promised myself I'd do better on Tuesday. I knew I'd never keep it. I have been swimming 4 times this week though. But the pastries I have been having for morning tea cancels thm right out. Oh well, better something than nothing.


  1. I too am always hungrey after swimming. Still, dont despair keep the swimming going. I just had to stop writing this as a little blue tit came and pecked at the window.

  2. Cool, my bird feeder disapeared when we had the elderberry tree pruned even if i remembered to buy another one there no where to hang it !

  3. If you dont do another post and leave this one un dated then it will always be current?????