Wednesday, 17 September 2008

a cheery post

Yesterday on my way home,after writing yesterday depressing little missive, I passed a man selling the Big Issue. he was singing to himself. la da de la de dah, I'm glad I'm not a banker!"
I laughed out loud.

Today,I went to a trade fair. It was catering and hospitality and I am looking for a venue in Manchester for a thing I have to organise. I didn't have high hopes of finding a venue at the show, because anyone who can afford a stand at a trade show would be way out of my price range - we are only a tiny little charity.

The main reason for going was the goodies, you know the crap load of free pens and stuff people give you. Only cost this was catering and hospitality there was tonnes of food as well. I came away stuffed full of canapes and champagne, then got lost on the way back to the office.

I also won a bottle of champagne playing black jack (with virtual money). On the few occasions I have been to an actual casino I have never been brave enough to play the card games, but it turns out I'm rather good. So good I broke the bank ! If only it had been real money. I could have cashed in my chips and paid off my overdraft.

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  1. I was in London on Thursday and called in the Cheshire Cheese in Fleet St for a beer and walking around the City there weren't many happy faces. Its hard because everyone will feel the knock on effect.