Wednesday, 9 July 2008

You Pervs part 943

I’ve been keeping a casual eye on my web stats lately and have noticed several new trends. Those of you into 'alternative' sexual practices are still coming to my blog via searches for ‘F***ing Tube’ and ‘German B*ndage’.
Lots of backpackers and tourists are arriving via searches for ‘things to do in Sydney’ and ‘Girls guide to backpacking’. And within the last few days a whole new demographic of Dr Who fans are arriving via searches for 'the Lost Moon of Poosh'.

The misguided celebrity stalkers arriving via searches for ‘N*ked photos of Fern Cotton’ and ‘Fern Cotton P*rn’ seem to be slowly petering out. A indication of her popularity perhaps?

Oh, and I seem to have at least 2 subscribers using feed readers to keep up with my self pity filled rants.

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