Friday, 25 July 2008

Did I tell you that Nemisis has moved out ?

She is sharing a one bedroom flat in East London with her best friends brother. She has the bedroom, he has the living room. He winds her up by not putting the toilet seat back down and sending her text messages when they run out of bread or milk instead of just going to the shop and buying some more. She told our mother that she won’t be renewing the lease in six months time.

I have never been to Nemesis’ flat and I don’t know the address. I do not have her phone number (neither land line nor mobile). I only have her email address because I noticed it on a message our mother sent to the both of us. I don’t remember how we became ‘friends’ on facebook. I think she was friends with my cousin and I added her because I had loaded a family tree application. She takes months to respond to messages anyway even though I know she spends hours on there each day (she hasn’t activated her privacy settings and everything she does I get notified about). She doesn’t reply to emails either, so I don’t bother sending them anymore.

Mum only has her address because when she turned up at our house to collect her birthday present mum wouldn’t let her leave until she wrote it down for her.

3 weeks later she decided to pay her a visit. She didn’t call to say she was coming round she just decided to turn up one day – because she knew that arranging a time to go round would be impossible. So she turned up and found no one home, called her mobile and made her come back from where ever she was so that she could see where her youngest daughter was living.

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