Monday, 12 November 2007

London Overground

Today saw Silverlink Metro become London Overground. It's a blog-worthy occasion simply because I use it to commute to work.

The first day of service started well with my normal train arriving and departing the station dead on time - which meant I missed it. I was consoled with a voucher for a free drink form Cafe Nero handed to me by a bloke in a uniform loitering by the entrance.

On my lunch time stroll I spotted a giant column of smoke which turned out to be a gigantic fire at the new Olympic site.

Then I got a really snooty email from one of my old school friends about the restaurant I suggested for our annual Christmas get together.

"Did you look at the price of the mains? There’s a lot of fish/seafood on the menu, which I don’t eat."

1. It's Christmas - wouldn't it be nice to have a meal somewhere other than Nandos you fucking cheap bitch.
2. Don't complain about the price of the mains when only last week you were bragging about the holiday to Thailand your just booked.
3. Don't order the fucking seafood if you're not going to eat it.

I am seriously consideing dumping her as a friend. This is the cumination of a year of her being shitty to me. I'm not prepaired to take it any more.

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  1. lol @ bitch fight

    i got a view of the humongous smoke from one of the wharf towers. it was quite a stunning sight ... set against the cold blue sky