Friday, 16 November 2007


I bumped into Nemesis on the way home. we ended up trading stories about the times we thought we were about to be mugged getting late trains home.

Mine happend a couple of months ago when a group of rowdy teenagers donned balaclavas and hoods before running off the train at my stop. I was certain they would be waiting outside the station doors to mug all the other passengers. thankfuly they did not. Hers happend when a gang of teenagers muggers jacked a kid in the first carrage ran along the carrage to mug someone in the last carriage and then stop to chat her up on their way out of the station.

If Red Ken and Ian Blair really want to make Londoners feel safer they should start by having guards on late night trains and a Transport Police presence at train stations in the evenings.

The only time you ever see the Police on the tube is when they are trying to catch fare evaders. Surely preventing violent crime should be more of a priority?
I know I'd feel a little less resentment at paying £106.30 for my travel card every month if I felt safer coming home in the evenings.

Oh and Nemisis informed me that the boys on our road all wear blue bandannas and the boys from the housing estate all wear red ones - so at least now I'll know which gang I'm being mugged by.

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