Friday, 29 June 2007

London Bomb

It's all very exciting on my 3 day at the new temp job. For low and behold on the street outside my office a great big car bomb has just been defused !

I arrived at the south end of Haymarket to find the street courdoned off and a pack of jornalists pointing cameras up the street towards Picadilly Circus. The policeman on guard assured me I'd be able to get into my building via the back entrance and that the street was merely courdoned off due to a suspect package.

I was then informed by the receprionist that it wasn't a suspect package but a real live car bomb that had been discoverd at 3.30am. It had been difused, so we were safe. But the whole office is shocked that we haven't all been sent home, who know what other nasty surprises are lurking down side streets.

On the bright side there is a nice view of the blue tent covering the crime sceene from the office window. You can just see it behind the white van.

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