Monday, 28 May 2007

Earth Girl in Ethiopia 3

If you can afford to buy a car you look after that car. you repair it and repair it and repair it until it can't be repaired any more. then you sell it to a mechanic who will tear it and several other cars apart to construct an entirely new car. Nothing goes to waste in Ethiopia, if it can me patched up and used again - or recycled into something new it will be. Hence the vast number of original 1960's Beatles still on the road.
Thick back plumes of smoke emanating from you exhaust pipe? Not a problem and long as the car will still drive. The air quality (actually it's just smog) is shocking. but there is an alternative to the cars and trucks belching out fumes. Donkeys. Donkeys although not as comon in the city as they once are still used for carrying heavy loads.

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