Sunday, 25 February 2007

Honesty is the best policy

I spotted a fiver next to a car, so I went to pick it up since it was obviously my lucky day. It became even luckier when I spotted a tenner next to it - then another - then another. Thirty five quid !!!!

The i started to feel guilty, I know if I lost £35 I'd be really stuck. 'What if its all the money some poor sod has till pay day?' My conscience won out and I headed back inside to reception who put a call out to the driver of the car I found the money next to and stuck the money in an envelope behind the till. "I must say this is extremely honest of you!"
"yeah well you know..."

I headed back out into the car park and took the same short cut between the same two parked cars and found another five pound note in exactly the same spot and a twenty under the wheel.
Now there's honest and there's stupid and I'm not stupid. So I stuck the £25 in my pocket and went home to a chorus of "You're mad! I would have kept it!"

But in the end Honesty won out. I went back this morning and no one had claimed the cash so they handed the envelope back to me with a smile and I took the money without the slightest pang of guilt.


  1. Your conscious is a hard ? good thing to live with, and you got your just reward.

    Nice cardigan.....if I buy the wool..........

  2. if you buy the wool it'll be ready in about 3 6 years! That one took me six months and it was tiny !!!

  3. 36 years .....I asked a cardigan not a shroud!