Tuesday, 6 February 2007

gay gang raping incestuous cats

I went to visit my aunt last night. After she mad me a cup of tea and her kids plonked one of the cats in my lap she proceeded to tell me of the very disturbing events regularly occurring in her garden.

Caramel the 8 month old ginger tom keeps trying to hump his brother Shadow. Caramel has always been the more aggressive of the two and did tend to bully his sibling but gay rape, WTF !!

But the scandal doesn't end there ! The black and white cat from a few doors down keeps trying to molest Shadow too! The poor thing can regularly be heard screaming in terror as he fights for his dignity in the garden.

I tried to convince Mother Earth that for Shadows safety he should come and live with us, far away form the bullying duo, but she was having none of it.

The poor thing.

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  1. Poor thing. Cats are funny ol creatures aren't they??? Just goes to show what most humans would be like if they went 'primitive'!! Arg what a thought....

    Still can't wait till I get a kitty - have already got a name for it - "The Bobster" - and it's gonna be a bit of a bruiser. Just looking at the other cats that frequent our garden, it'll need to be, cos they're rough as hell!!