Thursday, 18 January 2007

Big Bully

I don't believe that the bullying on big Brother is racialy motivated.
Yes, race has been brought into it but race didn't cause it, but I think to define it as racisit isn't quite right.

Jade Goody is undeniably a vicious self rigtous bully, Danielle a vicious gutter snipe and jo just seems weak - the one who follows the crowd and is frankly quite pleased that she isn't the victim.

I had started to think differtly of Jade, I thought that behind the ignorance she was quite inteligent. But her out bursts have proved me wrong, she is a moron of the upmost degree and has shot herself in the foot - going back into the big brother house is the worst mistake she could ever have made. She was well liked before the show, but now no-one will want to touch her with a barge pole. For her kids sake she'd better be as good at holing onto her millions as she was at making them, or she'll be back in her coulcil estate squat with her mother before the year is out.


  1. Aye, I have to concur (though have only seen the clips, not the programme). I don't think they're maliciously racist but definitely pig f***ing ignorant.

    Unfortunately this is true of far too many people in England and so-called 'celebs'. In a way, we're getting what we deserve, because we've raised up 'stupidity' as if it's some kind of amusing attribute, and Jade and her dimwit mother are the epitome of this. Bahhh.

  2. Yep I totally agree with you :) I didnt like Jade from the start but I thought I'd give her the benefit of the doubt. But after seeing her on BB I dislike her even more (thats a nice way of putting it) Why dont she go back where she come from!!!

    Btw just passing cool blog

  3. I agree with the Mighty Ding. Whilst I am not a viewer you can't escape the coverage in the papers or on the radio.
    We bestow celebrity status on people far too easily, and shouldn't there be something about being good role models somewhere.