Wednesday, 18 October 2006

Earth Girl 1 - Bank 1.5

I took Daves advice and ever so sweetly asked the bank to review the horrendous charges they slapped me with and, shock-horror they agreed to give me a 50% refund on the charges I racked up last month!!!
I am now £65 richer than I was this morning. Yay Me!
Thanks Dave!

In other news
Earth Girl has been chosen as one of 100 bloggers asked to participate in a survey of UK and US bloggers by The Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, Scotland. See! It's not just A level English students that read my blog, its Proper academics too! - Well, kind of. . .

Anyway if you'd like to read more about the project visit the blog http:/

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  1. Good news on the charges and very pleased you got some money back. Fame with the blog as well. Good for you.