Monday, 18 September 2006

and now the long wait

I've had the interview. It only actually lasted about half an hour instead of the hour they predicted. I don't know weather that's good or bad. Maybe I spoke to fast?

Anyway, I'm now back at the tamp job after changing out of the suit and painful shoes and eating a really yummy chicken curry from the hot food counter at Sainsburys - god I love the hot food counter at Sainsburys!

I texted Mother Earth who is on her way to France on a walking holiday with a trio of fellow nurses. It's a bit of a strange choice, she doesn't even like walking up the road to the shops, so how she thinks she's gonna manage 10 miles a day I'm sure I don't know.

Anyway she has assured me that she will have quick word with the almighty to make sure I get the job.


  1. Well fingers crossed for you, I'm sure your mum having a word will do the trick.
    Still cant post comments direct from your blog post. I have to right click on comments, copy the URL and enter it in the address box to get the comments box. Something wrong here somewhere.
    Good luck.

  2. Good luck times two... I won't ask the Almighty to have a word (as you know have rather cynical views on such matters) but I'll do a lil witchcraft and hope it has an effect!!